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Imagine having a fully automated, well-optimised, tried and tested funnel for lead nurturing that has worked wonders for aeons. It took years of research, time to perfect & preach. But the lead information is often junk so your sales team has to invest some time in validating information through a plethora of other channels. With conversational AI taking over the daunting tasks of lead collection and more, it becomes essential to ensure that the data being collected is in fact, legitimate. When chatbots or voice bots converse with people and collect their details such as name, job title, business email or phone numbers, it is critical to verify the details against records so you don’t waste time validating records later. Moreover, not to disrupt your sales reach outs with false information is important.

Twilio’s Verify is an API that helps scale user verification. With this, brands can verify users during sign-up, lead collections, onboarding, and such.

Twilio’s Segment (Connections) is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for unified customer data. It helps collect data from multiple sources and forward the data to desired destinations. is happy to integrate with Twilio’s verification API Verify & Segment. Now ensure

a smooth user verification process on the chatbots & voice bots along with a collection of data from and sharing data to’s CX platform.

Twilio’s Verify

Twilio Verify API achieves user verification in two simple steps:

  1. Sending verification code or one-time-passcodes (OTP) to the given user ID with Start API

  2. Verifying the code entered by the user with Check API

Twilio Verify supports verification in multiple channels such as SMS, email and voice.

With Twilio Verify, global brands can scale the user verification process globally!

Connect easily, anytime. ‘s scalable integration framework helps brands connect with apps without code.’s CX platform is tightly integrated with Verify API. Connect your Twilio Verify account with just so effortlessly by giving simple Twilio Verify account’s API details.

(a quick view of’s platform where you can connect with Twilio Verify)

Workflow automation to integrate Twilio Verify into bot journeys’s no-code workflow builder helps brands not only build chat/voice journeys with context but also connect third-party apps into chat journeys for multiple use cases.  The ability to connect modern third-party apps into journeys without code can prove powerful & offer endless possibilities.

Twilio’s Segment (Connections)

Segment’s Connections is a CDP that has two parts:

  1. Source Nodes - where Segment collects data from 

  2. Destination Nodes - where Segment feeds the date to

With this, brands can achieve a single view of customer data.

With Segment, you can get started in minutes. 

Connecting platform with your Segment’s account is just one step away. 

Add Segment’s token to the’s platform and you’re all set!  ????

Two-way data integration between and Segment is connected both as source nodes and destination nodes.

With -> Segment data integration, you can forward all user attributes data collected from the platform to Segment.

The Segment will in turn forward the data to all connected destinations (such as e-commerce app, CRM, data insights engine, analytics warehouses etc)

Likewise, with Segment -> data integration, Segment will forward data collected from all connected sources and forward those to the platform automatically. 


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